Learning Through Internships

What is Learning through Internship (LTI)?

An LTI is a real world learning opportunity provided to our students which allows them to investigate possible career paths and volunteer in the community at the same time.

What does a Junior High LTI look like?

Junior High Students explore different career paths through specifically designed service learning projects, guest speakers, life skill projects, and shadow days with members of the business community.  The students are engaged in Real World Learning projects to discover the connection between junior high academics and real life.


What does a High School LTI look like?

Internships for high school students are aligned to their personal passions and interests.    Students are assigned to businesses and community service organizations around Tulsa to complete their internship experiences.  Internships are scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday during the school day.  Internships can last anywhere from 9 weeks to a full school year.  Each student has a professional mentor who assists them at their internship site and with the learning project associated with their internships.  These LTI projects fall into one of four categories.  These are:

  1. Sell it! – These projects will move an idea from a thought or dream to potential sales.
  2. Discover it! – These projects will be based in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math.
  3. Impact it! – These projects will look at real challenges in the areas of economics, public good, environment, social justice, emergency response, and global health.  The goal of these projects will be to develop a solution to a challenge within these areas.  They will ask a compelling question which should also raise a big idea, relate that idea to specific examples, and require students to grapple with the complexities of the issue.
  4. Beautify it! – These projects will look to add beauty to an experience or object.  The projects will cover the following areas:
  • a. Product improvement
  • b. Installation
  • c. Original Images or creations
  • d. Renovations

LTIs provide an opportunity for Tulsa MET High School students to utilize their academic skills in a real world learning environment.  Students are active and accountable for their education and LTI work.   

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