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"The mission of the Tulsa MET is to find and inspire the swan in every Tulsa MET Duck."

About Tulsa MET


Tulsa MET Jr. High and High School is a Big Picture Learning School that serves students who have been unsuccessful in a traditional school setting. We focus on providing the necessary supports and skills to students which permits them to reach beyond themselves to discover their passions and interests.


Tulsa MET students are unique, creative and adventurous. To meet their needs, we offer a rigorous highly personal­ized curriculum that combines academic work with real-world experiences and project-based learning. Each student’s education is designed with their interests in mind and includes input from the student, advisor, core teachers, parents, and mentors.  It also meets the academic requirements of Tulsa Public Schools and the state of Oklahoma.  Students earn the credits they need to graduate by investi­gating their interests academically and presenting their work in student led exhibitions each nine weeks.


The foundation of our program is the advisory structure.  Upon enrollment, students become members of an advisory. This group becomes their family while in school. Each advisory is led by an advisor who meets with a group of 15-17 students twice per day throughout the school year.  It is in this advisory that students discover their passions, receive support, investigate career interests, and determine their learning styles. They also work on projects focused on their interests while also earning the academic credit they need to graduate.


Students in grades 10-12 at Tulsa MET participate in Learning through Internship (LTI) opportunities.  An LTI is a real world learning opportunity provided to our students which allows them to investigate possible career paths and volunteer in the community on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school year. Each student has a professional mentor who assists them at their internship and with the learning project associated with their internships.


Tulsa MET Jr. High & High school provides an inspiring and flexible curriculum to students who might not be successful in other schools.  We welcome your inquiries about our program.  For additional information, please call (918) 746-9300.


Instructions for enrolling:

Students wishing to enroll at Tulsa MET Jr High and High School should complete an application and return it to the school.  Upon receipt of a completed application, students will be scheduled an interview with our interview team.  The interview lasts about 30 minutes.  Parents my attend the interview if they wish, but it is the student who will talking to the interview team.  After the interview, students will receive a phone call detailing their acceptance or denial into the program.  If accepted into the program, they will also receiving information about withdrawing from their current school and enrolling at Tulsa MET.


Oklahoma’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Flexibility Waiver is designed to ensure each student who graduates from an Oklahoma high school is college, career, and citizen ready. This waiver provides Oklahoma with the flexibility it needs to press forward with implementation of reforms, while giving schools room to grow.

One requirement of this Flexibility Waiver is parent notification of school improvement status.  Our school’s designation letter is below for your convenience.

The final approved ESEA Flexibility Waiver, as well as videos and other helpful information, are available at: http://ok.gov/sde/elementary-and-secondary-education-act-esea.

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