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What is TLA?

Tulsa Learning Academy is a unique learning environment for students in grades 7-12 who are looking for a creative alternative to the traditional approach to learning or who are struggling to succeed in a traditional school. Different from traditional schools, TLA is a web based offering, delivering curriculum to students via Edgenuity. Although the administrative components of TLA are housed at Promenade Mall, TLA students access their curriculum from any computer with Internet access.

Personalized Education

Every student learns and grows at his or her own pace - the important thing is for students to show growth in each area. Tulsa Learning Academy ensures that all students see educational growth by developing curriculum around their individual abilities and graduation needs. Using individual learning plans, Teachers at TLA will work with every student and his/her parent or guardian to create meaningful learning experiences through an online based curriculum that is tied to the state PASS standards and a focus on post-high school planning.

TLA Method

The student works independently through the Edgenuity and OdysseyWare programs and the teachers at the Promenade mall provide course assistance as needed. Students participate in online tutorials, state & ACT/SAT practice assessments, and various mental processing activities. Students experiencing difficulties in courses, or who require remediation will have access to onsite support at the Promenade Mall site of TLA. This provides access to technology, direct instruction opportunities, and additional adult contact. Students are enrolled in six classes at the beginning of the semester and are required to be actively logged into these courses a minimum of 25 hours per week.

Essential Components of TLA

Positive Behavior: The Personal Responsibility Emphasis within the on- line learning environment is key to student success. Students are encouraged to set up specific school times in which to work through their specific courses. Through positive contact with parents and their children we work to be proactive vs. reactive in student learning. The transition of students between grades, between the physical learning environment and the learning environment is eased through the face to face interaction available through the TLA location at the Promenade Mall in central Tulsa.

Academic Instruction: The Tulsa Public Schools curriculum as used in the Edgenuity and OdysseyWare programs is aligned to the state PASS standards. The students will enroll and take a placement/computer skills evaluation, transcript evaluation, complete a plan of study using the college/career tools provided in OKCIS to develop their individual instruction plan. The teachers at TLA will work with the students in developing real world experiences to personalize the student’s education with the development of a portfolio portraying the interests and skills in which the student has participated. Through this process there will be continuous transcript review, benchmarking of student progress, and if necessary recommendations for onsite individual tutoring. This blended learning environment will facilitate student achievement. Required testing will be done on site in the Promenade Mall. The academic school year will follow Tulsa Public Schools regular school calendar.

Parent Participation: Parent involvement is instrumental in a positive learning experience for a student. At TLA this begins with the intake meeting and orientation at the Promenade Mall. At this meeting the parents will meet the student’s counselor and academic advisor who will be the points of contact if there are any problems with the students learning. At the orientation the parents will also have information about the Edgenuity Parent Portal so that the parents can check on their child’s progress. The advisors will provide the parents with weekly updates by email or text, and the official parent teacher conference days set up by the district will be used.